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Center Rider Walkie Training

Center Rider Walkie is used for heavy-duty order picking and long-distance, horizontal transport tasks. It is battery-powered and allows the driver forward and backward visibility. Its roomy operator compartment facilitates easy step-through to pick up orders from either side of the aisle. It increases workforce productivity, allowing operators to move more per shift. The control handle can pivot to either side to enable low-level order picking. Its pallets have built-in ductile iron components to ensure stable and durable performance with minimal wear. For better awareness of the efficient and safe use of this multifaceted equipment, we have compiled a Training Program (Center Rider Walkie Training Course) in conformity with the safety regulations and OSHA Guidelines. This program helps trainees to plan and prepare for the challenging work environment, improve vigilance, identify hazards and understand the importance of safe work procedures. Students are familiarized with different workplace situations and the correct response to them.
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The Center Rider Training course will cover

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