Forklift Training and Certification Academy

Canadian forklift certification

Forklift Training and Certification Academy

Amaze Forklift is a Forklift Training and Certification Academy which is a leading institution dedicated to providing comprehensive training programs for forklift operators. With expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, they offer hands-on training, safety protocols, and industry-recognized, Canadian forklift certification, ensuring skilled and competent professionals in the field of forklift operation.

We offer on-site and off-site training with flexible schedules that suit your busy schedule. We provide training on a variety of material handling equipment that includes electric hand pallet trucks, sit-down counterbalance forklifts, stand-on reach trucks, and more.

All our forklift training courses include an initial theoretical session with a written assessment. It is followed by practical forklift training and an additional, final assessment.

‍If you don’t see your truck type mentioned in our list, feel free to get in touch with our experts to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Our training courses will cover

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What to expect

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