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Specific industries and work applications often require either special forklift attachments or unique fork designs. For instance, a paper roll isnt going to sit stably on forks. So a clamp is needed to latch on it and move it without causing product damage. A clamp forklift has an attachment fastened to the mast in place of the usual fork attachments. This equipment is similar to a traditional forklift- the only difference being that instead of lifting, they position and clamp down upon oddly shaped loads.

If you have eliminated pallets from your work environment, this forklift is a potential solution. With two hydraulic functions- one for side shift and one for opening and closing the arms, they keep the pallet-less materials safe and secure during movement. Operators must practice caution when driving the equipment. They must never travel with the clamps open all the way as it disrupts visibility. Getting into the vehicle requires four points of contact. To educate the operators about the safe handling of such equipment, they must undergo OSHA-approved training. Our Clamp Forklift Training Program is suitable for new and seasoned drivers wanting to receive certification/recertification in the basics of the mechanism, preventive measures, safe operating and emergency protocols.

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