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A Crown Reach Truck is an engineering masterpiece with advanced hydraulics, a motor, one-touch control and a stable mast that reaches all the way up to 505 inches. This equipment offers various combinations of programmable features, intuitive displays, and camera options that all work together to enhance performance. Its optimized cornering speed automatically accelerates and decelerates based on operating conditions. It offers a verticle vantage point to operators over other equipment. To understand the mechanism and handling of the advanced hydraulics, controls and heavy loads, operators are required to undergo training that sufficiently complies with the Canadian Safety Standards and the OSHA guidelines. Amaze Forklift Training offers Crown Reach Truck training that is regularly revised and updated to best prepare trainees for current, real-life workplace situations. Students gain theory-based knowledge in addition to hands-on practical experience under the guidance of professional trainers. Book your course and complete your certificate program in no time.
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